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CESA 6 is here for you! Please see our Virtual Learning / COVID-19 Support Webinar Series and our COVID-19 resources for virtual learning instruction, technology needs, Special Education and much more. Keep checking back as we will continue to update materials.  

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Helping all students
learn and achieve

We provide teacher training

We provide itinerant services

We provide special education

We provide professional development

We provide national education leaders

We provide cutting-edge resources

We provide college and career readiness

We provide continuous improvement

We provide engaging workshops

We provide strategic planning

We provide leadership

We provide websites and apps

We provide technology support

We provide fiscal services

We provide grant writing

We provide coaching

We provide educator effectiveness

We provide youth apprenticeships

We provide student-centered learning

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Welcome to CESA 6

As a member-driven Cooperative Educational Service Agency, CESA 6 provides innovative, high quality, affordable  products and services designed for today's learners and leaders.

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Ignite Your Passion for Education

From strategic planning and leadership development to on-site coaching and in-classroom services, CESA 6 helps all educators and students succeed. Explore what CESA 6 can do for you. 


Featured Event

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Join Jennifer Allen Jan. 28!

Supporting New Teachers

Practical tips on how to support, coach and foster relationships with new teachers 

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Agency Events

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CESA 6 by the Numbers

3,000+ Educators attended 2017-18 Literacy Center Workshops & Networks

$50,000 in new Smart Thinking Foundation to assist districts

90M in grants won since 1994 by CESA 6 Grant Writing team

105,000+ extraordinary students

103,000+ downloads of Smart Thinking Podcast

168% increase in Youth Apprenticeship student enrollment

99.6% customer service satisfaction rating for 4Schools & myQuickReg

39 stellar CESA 6 school districts

105+ teachers trained by RITE Program for shortage areas

The Smart Thinking Podcast

Smart Thinking Podcast

Episode 168: Treat Yourself (Tools and Reflection)

In order to be a selfless leader you need to be selfish -- on occasion. Listen as we explore the need to put yourself first once in a  while -- by treating yourself! 
  • Identify the last full day you had filled with your passions.
  • List the people who fuel you and the last time you had hours of uninterrupted time with them.
  • Describe the last day –- full day -- you were disconnected from a device.
  • List the days you’ll take micro “treat yourself” breaks.
  • Describe yourself when you’re frayed.
  • List the people in your life that you can depend upon to make you realize that you’re in need of a little selfishness.
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CESA 6 Featured Programs & Services

Collaborate with Us

CESA 6 makes it possible for schools, regardless of size, to work together to share staff, save money and extend educational opportunities to all children.