Smart Thinking Podcast

Episode 77: Take a Walk and Change the View (Tool)

Too often we try to identify a solution without understanding the problem. Take a walk with me and explore a strategy to support greater empathy and reflection so that you can address the issue and support those you serve. Two strategies will be explored – one Six Sigma and one from David Bowie.      *

Episode 76: The Guy Before the Guy (Leadership)

When you come upon two roads – do you take time to appreciate who paved them? Listen this week to hear about our role as road builders for others.      * How do you demonstrate gratitude for the people who’ve come before you?      * List the five people you are closest to

Episode 75: Buffalo II (Motivation)

Celebrating the 75th episode by reminding us why it is so important to lead with zeal.      * List the characteristics of buffalo leaders      * Describe the ways in which you will approach your next storm.      * Reflect upon your last storm and analyze your behaviors. Contact me: Follow me

Episode 74: Emotional Labor (Life)

Everyone labors in his or her work – however, did you ever notice how tired you are when you get to lead others? This episode explores the strategies and mindset you need to employ in order to strengthen your emotions.      * Describe the ways in which you can kill’m with kindness this week?

Episode 73: No, You Can’t Have a Bad Day. (Leadership)

Leaders are not allowed to have bad days. When we have bad days, so do others – and that is not leadership. Take a listen to this episode as I discuss strategies and mindsets to help you better serve others.      * Describe your triggers.      * Explain how you can create time

Episode 72: Defined (Life)

Focus on defining yourself this New Year. This episode explores the mindset of sticking to who you are and focusing on getting better by clearly defining who you are and what you stand for so that you can be a great leader each day.      * List three words that describe you.    

Episode 71: Fuel for Fellowship and Family

How are you investing in joy for others? This episode explores the ways in which you can use your leadership to support the future of all those around you.      * Describe how you will lead this season and create an investment in joy.      * List strategies to prolong the days and

Episode 70: The Extraordinary Uncle Jon (Leadership)

Leadership is not a title we are given – it is a way of life. In this episode, we explore how someone who appears ordinary — turns out to be extraordinary. * How are you serving others to make them better leaders? * Describe those in your life that have shaped you in the moment.

Episode 69: Books for Break

This episode details four texts that I recommend you read or gift over the break. * Big Potential * Talk Like Ted * Leadership In Turbulent Times * Winnies Great War Contact me: Follow me on Twitter: @tneitzke Like us on Facebook: @smrtthnkng LISTEN HERE

Episode 68: Step to Success – But Mind the Gap (Tool)

The two most important steps in the change process are creating and communicating a plan. Too often we forget the need to be simple and elegant in our processes. This episode discusses a way to support change in your professional and personal life. * Describe how you can employ a step diagram gap analysis tool