Smart Thinking Podcast

Episode 95: 12 Speeds to Engagement (Engagement & Reflection)

Take a listen as we explore how to speed up your colleagues and yourself by focusing on engagement. Too often cultures get in the way of organizational success and we need to focus on the skills to increase opportunities for people to find success and be engaged. Twitter: @smartthinksix Contact me: Follow me on Twitter:

Episode 94: A Bird Named Spark (Collaborating for the Colony): Leadership/Tools

This episode explores the need for us as leaders to create opportunities for us to grow and learn as a colony. All in an effort to stay relevant. Take a listen as I share lessons from the Cliff Swallow.      * Describe how you provide the leadership to bring people together to learn and

Episode 93: Oh The Places You’ll Go – If You Hustle (Leadership & Reflection)

You can’t get anywhere without a little hustle. Join me for a conversation on how to build hustle within your mindset and your system.      * Describe what you do when you happen to find yourself in the waiting place.      * Describe your hustle skills.      * List the behaviors you

Episode 92: Predictability (Leadership & Tools)

One of the most important elements of leadership is being reflective and taking time to think about your decisions, actions, reactions and responses to those around you. This makes you predictable and that is a key quality of great leaders. Here is a short list of do nots:      * Do not sarcastically respond

Episode 91: Underdog (Leadership)

This episode is a discussion of the skills and qualities of leaders that advocate for the people and ideas that are not often given attention.      * Describe the behaviors of the advocate      * List the people in your life that have supported you when you were the underdog      *

Episode 90: Outside In or Inside Out (Reflection & Leadership)

When you end up in new places did you ever notice you have a heightened sense of awareness for what is different? Listen as we discuss the tools and behaviors of leaders when they enter new roles, join new committees or change within their own organization.      * Describe leaders in your life who

Episode 89: Get To (Mindset)

Each day we are faced with situations that we did not expect. When we face them we have to have a mindset that we “get to” be in this moment. Join me for a conversation exploring how to shift to a positive mindset around any situation.      * Describe what you normally don’t want

Episode 88: Organize this! (Conflict Avoidance)

Why can’t everyone just think and organize like you? Hear five ways to support your leadership when people have organizational styles that clash with yours.      * Reflect on the conflict you’ve experienced or created as a result of your organization biases.      * Describe your trapper keeper compliance.      * Describe

Episode 87: Order of Ingredients (Improvement)

You can’t solve a problem you don’t take the time to understand, you can’t force fixes, and you can’t race to excellence. Take a listen to this episode as we discuss the importance of following a process to get to the root of the issue.      * Describe process you follow in order to

Episode 86: In Sync (Leadership & Reflection)

In this episode we explore the importance of leaders syncing with those they serve and hear about my kayaking adventure with my son.      * Describe how you navigate from the back of the boat.      * List the skills necessary to be in in sync with those you serve.      * Explain how you