Smart Thinking Podcast

Episode 101: Don’t be dull. (Leadership, Reflection & Tools)

This episode is a reflection on what you are doing to stay sharp personally and professionally. Too often we fail to recognize that we are not at the top of our game. Describe how you can sharpen yourself before you get dull. List the people in your life that you could ask to keep you

Episode 100: Buffalo Dad (Leadership & Reflection)

Lessons from the Rockies: wave to others, laugh at yourself and lead from the back of the herd. Are you humble in your leadership and taking the time to acknowledge the important role of everyone around you? Do the conditions in your organization exist so that you can laugh at yourself? Describe how empathy can

Episode 99: Liz Murray: Empathy Supercharger

Fuel your ability to empathize with children who face adversity. Join me for a great conversation with Liz Murray. Liz is the author of Homeless to Harvard and an inspirational speaker who has been featured on Oprah and now – The Smart Thinking Podcast. She fired me up and this conversation will do the same

Episode 98: Jared Horvath – Stop Talking, Start Influencing

Take a listen to this great interview with educational neuroscientist, author and Professor — Jared Horvath. Get his book: Stop Talking, Start Influencing: 12 insights from brain science to make your message stick. This is a text that should be read by everyone in the teaching and presenting profession! @JCHorvath @smartthinksix @tneitzke LISTEN HERE

Episode 97: Deanna Singh– The Purposeful Hustler!

Join me for a great conversation with author and social entrepreneur – Deanna Singh. Get her book “Purposeful Hustle” and fuel your inner servant leader! What will you do today to support your passion and others?     Follow me on Twitter: @tneitzke @smartthinksix Like us on Facebook: @smrtthnkng LISTEN HERE

Episode 96: Mixed Tapes and Summer Reads (Tools)

Approach your leadership in a new way. Take a listen as we explore tools to help you get to see your team in a new way.      * Describe your approach to getting your team to look at themselves in new ways.      * List the songs of the mix tape of your

Episode 95: 12 Speeds to Engagement (Engagement & Reflection)

Take a listen as we explore how to speed up your colleagues and yourself by focusing on engagement. Too often cultures get in the way of organizational success and we need to focus on the skills to increase opportunities for people to find success and be engaged. Twitter: @smartthinksix Contact me: Follow me on Twitter:

Episode 94: A Bird Named Spark (Collaborating for the Colony): Leadership/Tools

This episode explores the need for us as leaders to create opportunities for us to grow and learn as a colony. All in an effort to stay relevant. Take a listen as I share lessons from the Cliff Swallow.      * Describe how you provide the leadership to bring people together to learn and

Episode 93: Oh The Places You’ll Go – If You Hustle (Leadership & Reflection)

You can’t get anywhere without a little hustle. Join me for a conversation on how to build hustle within your mindset and your system.      * Describe what you do when you happen to find yourself in the waiting place.      * Describe your hustle skills.      * List the behaviors you

Episode 92: Predictability (Leadership & Tools)

One of the most important elements of leadership is being reflective and taking time to think about your decisions, actions, reactions and responses to those around you. This makes you predictable and that is a key quality of great leaders. Here is a short list of do nots:      * Do not sarcastically respond