Smart Thinking Podcast

Episode 131: COVID 19 – Advice for Living and Supporting Children (Reflection and Tools)

How do you live with an unknown future and support children and yourself? Take a listen as we share practical steps to support those you love and serve. There are six steps to help you help children who are home for the next few weeks.      * Describe the way you will institute the

Episode 130: The Great Generation Z (Reflection)

Take a listen as we break down the qualities of Generation Z. They may just be the greatest generation in a while!      * Knowing what you now know – what will you do different in order to support Gen Zs in your life?      * Describe the differences between you and Gen

Episode 129: 4th Grade You (Leadership & Tool)

Do you live with a sense of wonder and appreciation? Do you have a process to capture your learnings from each journey? Take a listen to this week’s episode and hear how to better reflect in order to move forward with success. Describe what you’d tell you’re fourth grade self to these prompts:    

Episode 128: Cornerstone (Leadership & Tool)

Each of us impact and influence others. When we do, we need to be thinking about who we are and what we bring to others. Take a listen as we explore the six sides of your influence.      * Describe why cornerstones change the direction of others.      * List your strengths, faults,

Episode 127: Be Who You Need (Reflection)

We are needed by others with frequency – kids and adults. But how do you respond? This episode will help you grow as a leader through reflection. The challenge: Be who you would need in the moment someone else needs you. Take a listen. Describe what it means to be there for others. List supportive and guiding

Episode 126: Point it Out (Team Building & Leadership)

What process do you have in place to support reinforcing the strengths and contributions of others? Take a listen as we explore why positive reinforcement is powerful and how to use the game Totem to increase the engagement of those you serve.       * List the names of the people who you have

Episode 125: Read to Lead 4,3,2,1 (Leadership & Strategy)

Reading is critical for you to grow and expand your knowledge. Take a listen to this episode as we explore a process to engage those reading along with you.      * List 5 people in your life who you could engage in this process      * Describe how you approach building perspective  

Episode 124: Mid-Journey SWOT (Leadership & Strategy)

When you are in the middle of a project, school year or fiscal cycle, it is important to take a “look back.” In this episode we discuss the importance and power of taking time to review the journey, the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats. Describe how you can review the journey at

Episode 123: Buffalo The MLK Way (Leadership & Tool)

This week we explore the impact you have as an influencer and reflect upon the lessons of Martin Luther King. Take a listen as we look at his cognizant use of influence to inspire change.      * Describe what your mindset is around influencing others      * List what you can do to

Episode 122: When Buffaloes Break (Leadership & Strategy)

Why is it so hard for us to talk about and deal with mental health? Join me as we explore mindsets and strategies to support those we serve and maybe even ourselves.      * Describe your mindset around mental health.      * List what you can do to support those that are struggling