Smart Thinking Podcast

Episode 69: Books for Break

This episode details four texts that I recommend you read or gift over the break. * Big Potential * Talk Like Ted * Leadership In Turbulent Times * Winnies Great War Contact me: Follow me on Twitter: @tneitzke Like us on Facebook: @smrtthnkng LISTEN HERE

Episode 68: Step to Success – But Mind the Gap (Tool)

The two most important steps in the change process are creating and communicating a plan. Too often we forget the need to be simple and elegant in our processes. This episode discusses a way to support change in your professional and personal life. * Describe how you can employ a step diagram gap analysis tool

Episode 67: Leadership Health (Tool)

In this episode we will explore a strategy to support your leadership by practicing one of the most important behaviors of a leader: reflection. Learn how to use a quick tool to increase your leadership health and set your mind straight. * How far away is a Walgreens so that you can go get a

Episode 66: Thanks for Failing (Leadership/Reflection)

This episode explores the importance of recognizing the journey when people fail. We reflect upon the importance of looking at things that don’t work out so that we can coach others to the next level of success by building off of failed experiences. * Describe ways in which you can recognize those you serve when

Episode 65: W.A.I.T. to Speak (Reflection & Tool)

This episode explores the W.A.I.T. strategy for when we are in conversations with others (Why Am I Talking?) We also explore tools you can employ to foster a culture that allows all voices to be heard. * Can you practice WAIT? * List strategies you could shift to a consensogram format. * Describe ways that

Episode 64: Learned Helpfulness (Strategy/Mindset)

This episode is a discussion on how to approach performance results and new information by shaping the mindset of those you serve. We will explore fixed mindset verses a continuous improvement mindset and review strategies to help you set the stage for success. * Describe how you prepare others for information that details their work

Episode 63: Leadership that Electrifies (Reflection)

This episode focuses on what happens when leadership grows from within. We discuss the importance of supporting others by creating a culture around three values and then watching as the energy creates electrifying leadership. * Describe how you will create a core language around what is valued. * What are three values you need to

Episode 62: Resilience by Example (Leadership Profile)

This episode is a conversation around the importance of being resilient in your minutes, days, actions, projects and leadership. Defy the pessimists by being more Churchill. * Describe what you need to do to be resilient in your life and leadership. * List what you would need to do to march through hell with optimism.

Episode 61: The Long View (Leadership Mindset)

As a leader are you focusing on the long view or the short term? This episode explores the behaviors of leaders who look to the future, focus on the success of others, and find the energy to get over the obstacles they face. * Describe the type of leader you are – long view or

Episode 60: Being Vulnerable (Leadership Tools)

It is critical to create conditions so that the people you serve can be vulnerable. It is a leader’s responsibility to employ strategies for success, and this episode explores how to use tools to avoid embarrassing moments for everyone. * Describe how you could increase vulnerability amongst those you serve. * List tools you could