Smart Thinking Podcast

Episode 17: Thanksgiving: Giving your gift — a gift

How do we take the tradition of Thanksgiving and shift it a little to increase the true nature of giving thanks? Join me for a discussion on how to make sure that those around you recognize what it is they’ve done for you. * Reflect on who you will be around this thanksgiving. What have

Episode 16: Thinking About Thinking

Episode 16 explores thinking and more specifically – divergent thinking. When did all the creativity and ability for adults to come up with bold new ideas slow down or even stop? We explore the need for adults to stop interfering in the creativity of children and work together through collaboration to be divergent in our thinking.

Episode 15: Conversation with State Supt. Tony Evers

Episode 15 is a conversation with Wisconsin State Superintendent Tony Evers. We discuss everything from his days growing up on the grounds of a hospital, to making cheese and the current state of public education in Wisconsin and the nation. Join us for a great discussion around educational practices and the future of learning. This

Episode 14: Choices v. Decisions

Episode 14 asks you to reflect on your mission and describes the difference between choices and decisions. The distinction is great and we need to know the difference. So take a listen and be prepared to write your mission. * Using three terms – answer this question – why do you exist? * How can

Episode 13: Where Did All the Fun Go?

Fun – why is it such a big deal when something turns out to be fun? Why is it when people tell you “it’s going to be fun” so many of us sigh? Life should be purposeful. Life should be engaging. Life should have deep meaning. Shouldn’t life also be fun? * Did you know

Episode 12: “Point A” – the Mindset of a Four-Time Cancer Conqueror

Today’s podcast is one of our bi-weekly interview episodes. Today’s guest is Jim Brindley. Jim beat three types of cancer — four times. Listen as he discusses and describes his journey and shares a great mindset for all of us to learn from. * How can you re-frame your life and find greater appreciation for

Episode 11: A Momentous Moment

Today’s podcast is about you reflecting on your history and what influenced you to love – what you love and who fueled that passion. The episode is also a tribute to one of the people in my life that sent me in a new direction. * As a friend, parent, teacher or leader – how do you

Episode 10: Perception v. Reality – Managing your mind for change

Episode 10 investigates how you approach change and your perception when faced with a “new normal.” Leadership, on all levels, is about looking at the changes around us and seeking the why. Driving your mind to understanding the change and working within the new reality is a core skill of leaders. Victims cast blame while

Episode 9: A Conversation with Sen. Lena Taylor

Senator Lena Taylor, representing the 4th Senate district from Milwaukee, is this week’s extended conversation. Join us as we talk about everything from her education in grade school and high school to her journey to law school and the state Senate in Madison. This conversation was recorded in the summer of 2017 and is part of

Episode 8: Full Service V. Self Service

This episode explores your attitude towards serving others. Service to others is a core principle of all religions and cultures. Yet the idea of service for others is constantly talked about and measured. Service is interpreted by so many in so many ways, but it boils down to one simple principle: selflessness. The concept of