CESA 6 Smart Thinking Podcast

By: Ted Neitzke, CESA 6 CEO

The Smart Thinking Podcast is geared toward everyone and anyone who has an interest in the future of a child. The goal is to support personal reflection, develop greater understanding and grow personally and professionally in our missions to help kids. This school year we will be interviewing politicians, physicians, policy makers, authors, kids, parents and teachers and having deep discussions about the future of kids. Podcasts of 7 to 10 minutes will be released every Monday morning, and podcasts of 35 to 40 minutes featuring a guest will be released twice a month.

Episode 1: Buffalo V. Cow

How to develop an optimistic mindset: Are you a buffalo or a cow? Optimistic or pessimistic? The two animals respond very differently when facing Rocky Mountain storms. Listen to how you can be a buffalo and face issues head-on. Problems that are procrastinated on are only amplified; waiting only makes it worse.

Episode 2: Relevant or relaxed

Are you staying relevant or are you relaxed? Paul McCartney is the epitome of reinvention to remain relevant. After the Beatles broke up, who would have thought Sir Paul would be as relevant nearly five decades later? What are you going to do differently so you can remain relevant? What behaviors in yourself will you work to grow? How will you stay relevant so you can better serve others?

Episode 3: A Conversation With Governor Scott Walker

Episode 3 is one of my conversations with interesting people that I will post bi-monthly. I am fortunate to get into some interesting environments and meet fascinating people. This is my effort to share these conversations so that you can be a part of my unique experiences and learn along with me. I am inquisitive by nature and believe that we can all grow and learn from anyone we meet.

This episode is the conversation I had with Gov. Scott Walker during the summer of 2017. We discuss everything from Star Wars to Barry Manilow as well as his appreciation for teachers. Gov. Walker shares his vision for Wisconsin and his journey from Colorado Springs to becoming the Governor of Wisconsin.

Episode 4: The Kid from kenosha – Opportunities or obstacles?

When you flip your perspective on your problems you begin to appreciate them in a new way. Mindset matters and it changes your outlook and gives you energy.

Are you framing your problems as opportunities or obstacles? Are you truly putting the nature of your current issues into perspective? Are you listening to others and helping them grow through their situation? How are you modeling gratitude and motivating others with your positive perspective? Are you surrounding yourself with those that fuel your gratitude or those that drain your motivation?

Episode 5: Motivation or Motionless

The key to motivating yourself is through small victories, positive experiences and the intrinsic spark you feel when you find success. By taking the time to fix what is bugging you, slowing down and taking a gentle step forward, you allow yourself the greatest opportunity for success. This leads to a spark within and overrides the magnetism of pessimism.

  • * Where in life do you find yourself least motivated?
  • * What is the smallest step you could take to change what is bothering you about that situation?
  • * What great thing do you want to do for yourself or others and what is the first step?
  • * If you have an Eeyore moment — what step can you take to put a little bounce into your inner Tiger?
  • * Finally and most importantly – how can you use small step thinking to help others change for the better?

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