Communication & School Public Relations


CESA 6 communication specialists are trained in school public relations to create, manage and measure a coordinated communication plan. Our services are designed to help school districts:

  • Respond to immediate concerns.

  • Build short-term communication strategies for specific issues.

  • Develop a district strategy and communication plan for ongoing, proactive communication and school public relations.

We’ll help you find the right method and the right message, for the right audience.

How We Can Help

CESA 6 communication experts will help you reach your communication aspirations for your district. We understand that the best communication approach for your school district is one that fits your needs and your budget. That's why we start with research and careful analysis with you and your stakeholders about your district's needs. We'll try to get to know your district and really find out how we can help. You’ll also find that we’re focused on measuring success, because we know evaluation ensures effectiveness.

Once we help you decide on the right strategies and tactics that match your district, we can develop a plan for you and we’ll help you implement your chosen strategies and get things done, too! We assist with everything communication from writing, to digital or print production, to graphic design, videos, etc. And, we will measure and monitor the tactics of your communication effort to fine-tune your plan for effectiveness.

Turn to our team of specialists! We can serve as your boots on the ground communication specialist - completing projects start to finish. Or, we can offer consultation, guidance, planning and evaluation. It's your call. We can make it happen.


Communication services provided includes:

Examples of tactical help available from our specialists includes:

  • Graphic design
  • Production of print and electronic newsletters
  • Press and media relations
  • Social media strategy
  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Website content development and maintenance
  • Writing
  • Referendum information planning

Please call us to find our more about how we can help! Services can be provided at an hourly rate, through a short-term contract or through an annual contract. Put our team to work for your school district.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

"We have worked with CESA 6 communication department for several years. First, they evaluated our Board's communication goals and conducted focus groups with staff. We asked for a strategic communication plan that would breath life into our vision, mission and commitments. Now, with their help, we implement a yearly communication plan that improves communication internally and externally, and that directly supports our district's mission, vision and commitments!"

Mary Lofy, Director of Instruction
School District of Sheboygan Falls

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