Dynamic Learning Collaborative

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Everywhere we turn we are hearing about grit, perseverance, the importance of failure and mindsets.  As educators, we grab at this stuff.  It is great.  It encapsulates the ideal work we want to do with students – helping grow students into lifelong learners.  When we embrace the Growth Mindset culture for our classrooms and schools,

Can There Really be Meaningful Test Prep?

If you have ever asked yourself the question “Can there really be meaningful test prep?”  The answer is yes!   First, let’s be very specific in mentioning that meaningful test prep is NOT about teaching the test.  Notice, that didn’t say teaching to the test.  Current wisdom would dictate that you design an assessment first, then

The Importance of Local Data Sources

It is summer and we are anxiously awaiting packages with our ACT results and the notification that Forward Reports are on eDirect.  We are wondering when all the state assessment data will be available in WISEdash, when we can download .csv files to get the data into our warehouse.  For all of us data dorks,

Who says you can’t learn from accountability testing results?

What can we learn from assessments when the results come so long after the students have taken the assessment and maybe have even moved on to the next building?  While it is important to remember we are looking in the rearview mirror when looking at accountability assessments, it can provide valuable information about how students

Transforming Thinking About Family Engagement

The vast majority of parents and families are care about the success of their children.  One statistic stated 98% of families care! Yet, our family engagement efforts are typically aimed at addressing what schools perceive as inadequacies in families and rarely find the momentum we hope for or translate in higher student achievement. The missing