Top 10 Summer Web Content Ideas

As the school year winds down, what will you post on your district / school Home page during summer? What if the person who normally posts your web content has summers off? Even for districts with year-round web masters, summer can be a challenge to find content after students and teachers are gone. But summer is a time when

Top 10 Website Accessibility Tips for Entering Content

You hear the buzz everywhere about website accessibility and taking steps to avoid an OCR complaint. But you’re not a developer, coder or web vendor. So what can YOU do? Actually, a lot. Whether you enter content every day or once in a blue moon, here are things you need to do to make sure

Six tips for social media posts during June, July & August!

Ah, summertime. Sunshine, outdoors, no school. Wait. No school? We all know that’s not the case! Your schools are humming during the summer. That’s good news for your social media presence. An active social media channel keeps the Facebook algorithms working in your favor. Need some ideas about what to post when the kids are

Social Media as part of a Referendum Communication Plan

Wisconsin school district referenda fared well in April, with voters approving 55 of 71 ballot questions. Will school districts find the same voter success in November, with historically heavy Presidential election turnout? Recently, I read an article that highlighted the importance of social media for communication during a referendum campaign. I couldn’t agree more! However, to effectively