CESA 6 Smart Thinking Podcast

By: Ted Neitzke, CESA 6 CEO

The Smart Thinking Podcast is geared toward everyone and anyone who has an interest in the future of a child. The goal is to support personal reflection, develop greater understanding and grow personally and professionally in our missions to help kids. This school year we will be interviewing politicians, physicians, policy makers, authors, kids, parents and teachers and having deep discussions about the future of kids. Podcasts of 7 to 10 minutes will be released every Monday morning, and podcasts of 35 to 40 minutes featuring a guest will be released twice a month.

Episode 28: Be a Good Forgiver

There is a lot of research that shows the act of forgiveness in leadership and life makes you a better and stronger person. This episode will help you to develop the practice of forgiveness in your leadership.

  • * Who around you do you need to forgive?
  • * When someone around you falters, what will you do differently in order to support them and their leadership?
  • * Do you actively put time between your reactions and actions in situations when those you serve fail to meet an expectation?
  • * How good are you at forgiving yourself?

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Episode 27: A Conversation with the Well Pennies

What is it like to be a professional musician? How do you start? What are the obstacles and lessons when you take on the leadership of following your passions?

Join us for an extended conversation with two extraordinary people as we discuss their journey and their motivations. The Well Pennies provide the theme music for the Smart Thinking podcast and the founders are also a remarkable couple that demonstrates buffalo leadership behaviors.

This episode is especially insightful and powerful for those aspiring to have a life in the arts.

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Episode 26: Forest v. the Trees

One of the greatest qualities of leadership is reflection, and we often forget to take a second and elevate ourselves out of the micro moment and move ourselves to the macro analysis. Join us for a conversation of how to step back from your situation and look at it differently and/or with another person to gain perspective.

  • * Thinking of your current and most significant issue – how could you change your view so that you see the problem in a new way?
  • * Can you scrabble that problem so that a solution may emerge?
  • * When mountaineers climb, they often bring along a guide or Sherpa – who are your Sherpas – who are the people who can guide you to new heights so that you can see the problem or issue for what it is?
  • * Finally, when you get emotionally engaged in a situation, what will be your strategy to step back and climb to a new height of understanding before responding.

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Episode 25: Creating Collaboration

True collaboration has to be defined and modeled. In a multi-generational world we do a poor job of demonstrating collaboration. I suggest that you start by showing popular examples of collaboration and then breaking down the roles that people play in truly collaborative environments and then asking the team members to identify what they can contribute.

  • * What processes can you put in place to ensure that the right people are working together?
  • * What strength(s) do you bring to the group?
  • * What anchors or weaknesses do you bring to the group?
  • * How confident are you identifying those strengths and gaps for others?
  • * When we expect people to collaborate, do we first show them examples of real collaboration?
  • * Finally, what do you need to do differently in the future on teams in order to be more collaborative so that people will seek you out for their team?

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Episode 24: Be it Resolved

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018 and goodbye 2017. This podcast is about growing yourself as a person and a leader in the upcoming year, as well as developing a process to help you be better. Go small to go big and find yourself content in 365 days.

  • * What is your vision for a better you?
  • * What is one small thing you can do today to change your life?
  • * Instead of spending money on trying to diet and upending your entire life – what small step can you take everyday to improve your eating habits?
  • * Write down your three strengths – and then one strategy to build upon each of those.
  • * Finally, this year each morning when you look into the mirror, can you set one goal for the day that gets you toward your vision?

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Episode 23: Riding And Reflecting

Listen on the ride in between traditions this holiday season. This is an active reflection podcast for the people in the car! Take some time to discuss what is good about being friends and family and plan a moment for the future.

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Episode 22: The Tradition Leader

This podcast is dedicated to making you think differently and reflectively about your roles with your friends, your colleagues and your family. Every culture has traditions and they are key to our culture. They’re important because they are the fabric of a family, a community, a workplace, a classroom and civilization.

  • * Who is the tradition leader in your culture?
  • * What values will you model when celebrating?
  • * How will you demonstrate your gratitude for the traditions?
  • * What traditions have gotten lost and lead the tradition once more?
  • * Lastly, who in your life will not have the opportunity to celebrate a tradition and how can you weave them into your culture’s fabric this season?

Buy the Well Pennies Holiday Song Jingle Bells here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jingle-bells-single/575053297

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Episode 21: A Lasting Legacy

Join us for a discussion that explores your legacy and how two headstones in a colonial graveyard sparked deep reflection. We will explore how you and the way you lead and live define your legacy.

  • * How consistent are you in living your life in the service of others?
  • * Can you be described simply by those you are around?
  • * When you lead – do you lead from your core values?
  • * Finally, write down the six words you’d like to define your history.

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Episode 20: Don’t Worry – Be Happy

Happiness is a key driver for success, engagement, and satisfaction. This episode focuses on the keys to being a happy leader. They are: friendship, kindness, movement, getting caught up in what you are doing, purposeful reflection, having a set of guiding principles and being optimistic.

  • * Will you find a way to persevere when faced with an unhappy situation and model for others the strength it takes to be an optimist?
  • * How are you going to serve others this week by modeling happiness?
  • * Of the qualities discussed for happy people – what one area can you focus on this week so that you can grow your own happiness?
  • * Finally, who is the least happy person you know and how can you shine a lot of light on them this week to help heat their spirit?

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Episode 19: A Buffalo Named Auggie

Leaders are always on the look out for opportunities to find buffalos and emulate their behavior, learn from their choices, and observe them in their natural settings. We ourselves gain courage from seeing others take a risk or doing something different. Join us for an episode where we explore how the main character from the book WONDER can inspire us all to be a little more buffalo.

  • * When faced with an uncomfortable situation what will you do different this week?
  • * Take sometime to think through the situations you may face this week and reflect upon your response.
  • * Describe the characteristics of others with courage.
  • * If you are in the triangle of conflict – can you think empathetically for the person who needs your help and take that first ride on the road to courage for others?

See Sharon’s story at: www.graymatter-matters.com

WONDER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob7fPOzbmzE

Episode 18: The Kid Doctor – a conversation with Dan Hagerman

This episode is a conversation with Dr. Dan Hagerman. We learn about his education and how he formed his thinking around many of the issues facing parents and children today. We discuss everything from peanut allergies to autism, ADHD to picky eaters as well as why he believes things are a little bit the same and different for today’s children and parents.

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Episode 17: Thanksgiving: Giving your gift — a gift

How do we take the tradition of Thanksgiving and shift it a little to increase the true nature of giving thanks? Join me for a discussion on how to make sure that those around you recognize what it is they’ve done for you.

  • * Reflect on who you will be around this thanksgiving. What have each of them taught you?
  • * Once you identify the learning from those in the room—how can you quickly articulate the gift they’ve given you?
  • * Can you make this year different for yourself and others by bringing to light how thankful you are for the gift they’ve given you?

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Episode 16: Thinking About Thinking

Episode 16 explores thinking and more specifically – divergent thinking. When did all the creativity and ability for adults to come up with bold new ideas slow down or even stop? We explore the need for adults to stop interfering in the creativity of children and work together through collaboration to be divergent in our thinking.

  • * As a parent, teacher, leader – how can you promote divergent thinking?
  • * If you’re in a leadership position, how can you promote divergent thinking by allowing people to figure out how to do what needs to be done instead of telling them and disengaging them in the process?

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Episode 15: A Conversation with State Superintendent Tony Evers

Episode 15 is a conversation with Wisconsin State Superintendent Tony Evers. We discuss everything from his days growing up on the grounds of a hospital, to making cheese and the current state of public education in Wisconsin and the nation. Join us for a great discussion around educational practices and the future of learning. This episode was recorded in the summer of 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Episode 14: Choices v. Decisions

Episode 14 asks you to reflect on your mission and describes the difference between choices and decisions. The distinction is great and we need to know the difference. So take a listen and be prepared to write your mission.

  • * Using three terms – answer this question – why do you exist?
  • * How can you use this process to support the leadership others?
  • * How can you use this process in all areas of your life to advance yourself and others?
  • * What is the difference between choices and decisions?

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Episode 13: Where Did All the Fun Go?

Fun – why is it such a big deal when something turns out to be fun? Why is it when people tell you “it’s going to be fun” so many of us sigh? Life should be purposeful. Life should be engaging. Life should have deep meaning. Shouldn’t life also be fun?

  • * Did you know that the oldest recorded joke is from around 1600 BC and is a Sumerian fart joke? Why is being fun or funny viewed as a lack of seriousness?
  • * In a world where everyone looks at a screen in their hand to capture a moment in which they are living—what can be done to capture that moment in a non-electronic way and make it fun?
  • * If you are not having fun – who are you dragging down with you? As you approach your week – how can you turn the normal into the abnormal experience and make it memorable and fun?
  • * Finally, how can you reinforce those in your life who are fun so that they know you enjoy what they do for you and how can you pay that forward to others?

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Episode 12: “Point A” – the mindset of a four-time cancer conqueror

Today’s podcast is one of our bi-weekly interview episodes. Today’s guest is Jim Brindley. Jim beat three types of cancer — four times. Listen as he discusses and describes his journey and shares a great mindset for all of us to learn from.

  • * How can you re-frame your life and find greater appreciation for all you have?
  • * When faced with your next challenge how can you take Jim’s point A mindset and make a more fulfilling life for yourself.

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Episode 11: A Momentous Moment

Today’s podcast is about you reflecting on your history and what influenced you to love – what you love and who fueled that passion. The episode is also a tribute to one of the people in my life that sent me in a new direction.

  • * As a friend, parent, teacher or leader – how do you live your life, so that you can model for others, your passions and potentially seed them within someone else?
  • * How can you take what is the ordinary and make it extraordinary – PowerPoints, interactions, assignments, a sales pitch, your lesson plans or even a simple conversation?
  • * In the next few days how can you demonstrate your passions so that others become passionate?

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Episode 10: Perception V. Reality – Managing Your Mind For Change

Episode 10 investigates how you approach change and your perception when faced with a “new normal.” Leadership, on all levels, is about looking at the changes around us and seeking the why. Driving your mind to understanding the change and working within the new reality is a core skill of leaders. Victims cast blame while leaders cast solutions.

  • * When faced with the reality of change, how will you approach it? Will you look at it the same way you always have or will you change your perception?
  • * As a leader, teacher, or parent, how can you support others when they are confronted with change? Will you simply tell them to deal with it or will you show them a new way to look at it?
  • * Reflect on your own attitude when faced with change. How do you model the acceptance off the shift in your reality? Do you look at the reason for change or do you try to justify not changing?
  • * Finally, when you create change in the lives of others – how can you demonstrate “what is in it for them” so that they can help their own brain and heart accept the new reality.

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Episode 9: A Conversation with Sen. Lena Taylor

Senator Lena Taylor, representing the 4th Senate district from Milwaukee, is this week’s extended conversation. Join us as we talk about everything from her education in grade school and high school to her journey to law school and the state Senate in Madison. This conversation was recorded in the summer of 2017 and is part of a series of conversations with elected officials in Wisconsin. These episodes are designed to build a better understanding of the policy and lawmakers guiding our future in Wisconsin.

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Episode 8: Full Service V. Self Service

This episode explores your attitude towards serving others. Service to others is a core principle of all religions and cultures. Yet the idea of service for others is constantly talked about and measured. Service is interpreted by so many in so many ways, but it boils down to one simple principle: selflessness. The concept of putting everyone you meet first.

  • * Teachers, parents, leaders – how are you developing service for others?
  • * What are your classroom/families core values and how are you reinforcing them?
  • * How are you modeling service and a “you first” attitude?
  • * When someone comes into your service station – -what is your first response? Is it – I don’t have time for this or is it let’s do this?
  • * Finally, a challenge – upon completion of this podcast how can you serve the very next person you meet?

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Episode 7: Oh, to be in High School again

This year at homecoming, will you be criticizing this generation and their traditions or will you be appreciating their unique contributions? Listen this week as we explore homecoming and the ways that we can support our children with a little wisdom and empathy.

  • * If you are a teacher, parent, grandparent aunt or uncle – how are you demonstrating your appreciation for the interests of the younger generation?
  • * Do you ever stop and say hey – explain that to me – instead of judging it and editorializing because you don’t understand it?
  • * Do you take the time to stop and have discussions about their struggles in their moment and just listen?

Episode 6: The Heroine: Quick to Judge v. Quick to Understand

Episode 6 is the journey of one parent and how she and her family worked through incredibly difficult times and the impacts addiction have on a family. You will reflect on your own role in the lives of others and the empathy you need to have to support people in your life. As you’ll hear, too many of us judge people with addictions and we fail to remember that that is someone’s child. As Em points out, we are way too quick to judge and extremely slow to understand.

Episode 5: Motivation or Motionless

The key to motivating yourself is through small victories, positive experiences and the intrinsic spark you feel when you find success. By taking the time to fix what is bugging you, slowing down and taking a gentle step forward, you allow yourself the greatest opportunity for success. This leads to a spark within and overrides the magnetism of pessimism.

  • * Where in life do you find yourself least motivated?
  • * What is the smallest step you could take to change what is bothering you about that situation?
  • * What great thing do you want to do for yourself or others and what is the first step?
  • * If you have an Eeyore moment — what step can you take to put a little bounce into your inner Tiger?
  • * Finally and most importantly – how can you use small step thinking to help others change for the better?

Episode 4: The Kid from kenosha – Opportunities or obstacles?

When you flip your perspective on your problems you begin to appreciate them in a new way. Mindset matters and it changes your outlook and gives you energy.Are you framing your problems as opportunities or obstacles? Are you truly putting the nature of your current issues into perspective? Are you listening to others and helping them grow through their situation? How are you modeling gratitude and motivating others with your positive perspective? Are you surrounding yourself with those that fuel your gratitude or those that drain your motivation?

Episode 3: A Conversation With Governor Scott Walker

Episode 3 is one of my conversations with interesting people that I will post bi-monthly. I am fortunate to get into some interesting environments and meet fascinating people. This is my effort to share these conversations so that you can be a part of my unique experiences and learn along with me. I am inquisitive by nature and believe that we can all grow and learn from anyone we meet.This episode is the conversation I had with Gov. Scott Walker during the summer of 2017. We discuss everything from Star Wars to Barry Manilow as well as his appreciation for teachers. Gov. Walker shares his vision for Wisconsin and his journey from Colorado Springs to becoming the Governor of Wisconsin.

Episode 2: Relevant or relaxed

Are you staying relevant or are you relaxed? Paul McCartney is the epitome of reinvention to remain relevant. After the Beatles broke up, who would have thought Sir Paul would be as relevant nearly five decades later? What are you going to do differently so you can remain relevant? What behaviors in yourself will you work to grow? How will you stay relevant so you can better serve others?

Episode 1: Buffalo V. Cow

How to develop an optimistic mindset: Are you a buffalo or a cow? Optimistic or pessimistic? The two animals respond very differently when facing Rocky Mountain storms. Listen to how you can be a buffalo and face issues head-on. Problems that are procrastinated on are only amplified; waiting only makes it worse.

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