Cultivating a Growth Mindset

By: Lori Rugotska, EdD; Learning and Assessment Center Coordinator, Effectiveness Project, CESA 6

Everywhere we turn we are hearing about grit, perseverance, the importance of failure and mindsets.  As educators, we grab at this stuff.  It is great.  It encapshutterstock_293341196commandgrowthsulates the ideal work we want to do with students – helping grow students into lifelong learners.  When we embrace the Growth Mindset culture for our classrooms and schools, we embrace the notion of lifelong learning for our students.  When we share that message with families, we increase our reach and influence even further!

From years of research by people like Carol Dweck, we know that students who learn the growth mindset show greater motivation in school, better grades and higher test scores. Join us on December 2 as we explore the Growth Mindset and learn how to incorporate it into your classroom, your school, your district. Explore answers to the following questions:  What does a Growth Mindset School look like?  What is the impact of Mindset?  How do we create a Growth Mindset classroom and school culture?  How can we share the Growth Mindset message with parents and families?
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