Youth Apprenticeship


The Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program integrates school-based and work-based learning. Students accepted into an approved Youth Apprenticeship program will continue taking classes at their high school while working as an apprentice at a participating business. Students will be enrolled in a technical class related to their youth apprenticeship program. These courses may be offered at either their high school or off campus.

How Can CESA 6 Help?


Learn More in Youth Apprenticeship for Employers

Connect you with schools that have talented students ready to step into the recruitment pipeline.

  • Prepare future workers.
  • Reduce their costs for recruitment and training.
  • Communicate required job-specific proficiencies to educational personnel.

School Based Coordinators

Learn More in Youth Apprenticeship for School Coordinators

Assist with starting a program in your local high school.

  • Keeping academic and occupational curricula up-to-date through communication with business and industry.
  • Enhancing education's ability to meet the needs of diverse student populations.
  • Making education more relevant and valuable to students.


Learn More in Youth Apprenticeship for Students / Parents

Connect you with your local school based coordinator and potential employers.

  • Increasing motivation and retention by showing the relevance of academic and occupational instruction.
  • Providing opportunities to explore possible careers and enhancing skill development.
  • Providing opportunities for leadership, and learning from skilled professionals.

Youth Apprenticeship Program Areas

There are a variety of youth apprenticeship choices offered through school districts. Discussion with a school counselor or School to Career Coordinator helps a student choose an option that best meets his or her needs and career goals.

Based on the National Career Clusters┬« Framework, sixteen career clusters that represent more than 79 career pathways. Ten of these career clusters can be explored in the Youth Apprenticship program. Participation in a Youth Apprenticeship program helps students on their pathway to success in college and career. 

More information on the Youth Apprenticeship Program Areas in Wisconsin.

Youth Apprenticeship Student Application

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