Strategic Visioning, Planning & Systems Design


CESA 6 embraces organizational design from a systems approach. Traditional strategic planning results in small, incremental improvements. Systems design thinking encourages schools and organizations to design their preferred future. Work with a CESA 6 team of professionally trained facilitators in systems design to create a system framework that will move your district to a new future.

How We Can Help

Instead of traditional strategic planning that reaches incremental changes, a systems approach takes a holistic approach and begins with the end in mind (to use the well-known habit from Stephen Covey). The process calls for broad thinking by asking, “If you could have what you want, what would you have?” This simple question, embodying the voice of multiple stakeholders, forms the collective preferred future.  This preferred future is the end-goal and is realized through an iterative approach.

A systems thinking design is developed for the district and community’s unique context and profoundly takes the district and community to their next generation of greatness.  Systems design thinking reaches far beyond what traditional strategic planning can improve upon.

CESA 6 will work with your district through three distinct phases to:

ENGAGE: Formulate the “mess”.

No system exists in isolation and no problem is simply. There are several contributing factors to every situation. We will help your organization identify and understand the root of problems you are facing, looking at the whole organization,  its inter-related systems and inter-connected problems.

ENVISION: Design your preferred future.

Systems thinking brings people to a preferred future.  Design from what you want, not what you want to get rid of.  We will help your organization collect broad  insights from your stakeholders, identifying functions, structures and processes, to generate an integrated set of solutions.

ENACT: Implement design and successful approximations.

It takes time to move a ship. Systems thinking theory contends that organizations will be most successful when iterations of solutions are implemented rather than isolated silos of action plans or change initiatives. All actions lead to the realizing the collective, preferred future.

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