Program Support Teacher (PST)


Program Support Teachers serve as a liaison and support for special education and general education teachers and principals. The primary responsibility of the Program Support Teacher (PST) is to assist with the effective implementation of the Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for special education students. 

How We Can Help

Diagnosis and Intervention Procedures

  • Assist with assessments
  • Serve as member of the IEP Team as assigned
  • Participate in Child Study Team meetings
  • Review Evaluation Team recommendations
  • Assist in IEP development
  • Provide assistance to ensure the least restrictive most appropriate educational program for all students
  • Provide additional assistance as assigned

Classroom Management/Curriculum Development/Instructional Methods

  • Assist educators in developing and adapting programs to provide quality comprehensive instruction for students
  • Assist in planning and implementation of inclusive education efforts
  • Assist staff with behavior management plans, control techniques, and program design
  • Serve as liaison with other agencies involved in programming for individual students
  • Assist in development of student transition services


  • Assist in providing inservice training for special and general educators
  • Assist in providing inservice training for parents and community personnel
  • Participate in parent conferences and training

Instructional Materials/Equipment

  • Assist in selection of instructional materials/equipment to educators working directly with students
  • Preview new materials/equipment/ software
  • Demonstrate materials/equipment/ software to educators working with students for implementation of IEPs
  • Conduct follow-up sessions to discuss effectiveness of materials
  • Review instructional materials as needed
  • Provide assistance with computer/software selection, questions, and troubleshooting

Record Keeping

  • Review changes/updates in process and procedures with special educators
  • Assist in maintenance of pupil behavioral records
  • Review IEPs for due process compliance
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