PBIS Tier 2 Support Training


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive systems approach for creating and maintaining safe and effective learning environments in schools and ensuring that all students have the social/ emotional skills needed for success.

PBIS Tier 2 Support Training is a 4-day professional development opportunity offered by CESA 6. This sequence of team training is started after a school has implemented universal practices, systems, and data with 80% (or greater) fidelity on universal evaluation measures. The focus of secondary training is establishing a continuum of interventions for groups of students who have not responded to Tier 1 systems and supports. Here is an outline of the training offered:

PBIS Tier 2 Training (S100, S200, S300, S400)

The school PBIS team, including administrator and coaches, participate in these four training days which consists of intense, interactive activity-based preparation for implementation of rier 2 PBIS. These are guided team work days to begin developing, implementing and refining the systems, data and practices necessary for sustainable tier 2 implementation.

Training Objectives:

  • Understand the intent and purpose of the essential components of positive support systems that provide behavior supports to targeted groups of students.
  • Realign student support systems including examination of student service roles and the role of families in development and delivery of interventions.
  • Understand the intent and guiding principles of the generic interventions and how they are layered on the Universal framework.
  • Develop data rules to access intervention, progress monitor intervention, and fidelity of intervention.
  • Create a continuum of intervention support from generic group-based interventions to high intensity intervention.
  • Understand early use of brief functional behavioral assessment and the development and use of intervention plans created, implemented and monitored by support teams.
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