PBIS Tier 1 Universal Training Sequence


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive systems approach for creating and maintaining safe and effective learning environments in schools and ensuring that all students have the social/ emotional skills needed for success.

PBIS Tier I Universal Training Sequence is a 4-day professional development opportunity offered by CESA 6. Here is an outline of the training offered:

Day One — Implementation Foundations for Coaches and Principals (C100)

This training is designed to provide building administrators and coaches a basic understanding of RTI for behavior: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

  • Examine current system and how it aligns with PBIS
  • Determine leadership and coaching skills necessary for systems change
  • Understand roles of the PBIS team required to support implementation
  • Know how to collect student outcome & fidelity data
  • Use data to create precision statements as part of a problem solving model

Days Two & Three — Universal Team Training (U100/U200)

The school PBIS Team, including administrator and coaches (internal and external), participate in these 2 training days which consists of intense, interactive activity-based preparation for implementation of school-wide PBIS. These work days will focus not only on the technical changes required to implement a PBIS system, but also on the belief systems and mindsets needed to create a positive school culture. Teams will leave the training with an understanding of the essential components of a multi-tiered system of support that provide behavior supports to all students.

Day Four — Universal Team Training (U300)

Participants will revisit essential school-wide systems and use data to assess current implementation. During training, teams will:

  • Learn a process to use student outcome data to support positive school-wide behavior
  • Use self-assessment tools to guide implementation
  • Establish effective stakeholder communication systems
  • Align classroom procedures with school-wide behavior systems
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