H.O.P.E. Center

H.O.P.E. High Expectations, Opportunities for Poverty in Education Center


Continuing the work of Eric Jensen, author of Teaching with Poverty in Mind, CESA 6 is excited to offer districts support for addressing poverty.Through participating in Eric Jensen’s in-depth Total Trainers© program, Jackie Schoening and Tere Masiarchin have background knowledge, key skills and practical strategies for academic success with students living in poverty. As Total Trainers©, Jackie and Tere provide strategies to intervene in positive ways in the classroom. Through the H.O.P.E Center work, districts will realize the benefits of fully engaged students and families living in poverty.

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How We Can Help


  • Analyze data
  • Prioritize needs
  • Develop community resource mapping
  • Build resource networks
  • Understand culturally responsive practices
  • Address achievement gaps
  • Build awareness of the disparities for students living in poverty
  • Create improvement plans with action steps
  • Evaluate implementation plan effectiveness


  • Poverty network: Network each quarter with other districts working on improving outcomes for students living in poverty
  • Implementation toolkit and timeline: Create a robust improvement plan aligned with current initiatives
  • Online book studies: Build an understanding of underlying differences of students living in poverty
  • District poverty review: Address gaps in services, teaching, and learning for families and students living in poverty
  • Staff development: Empower staff with engagement strategies
  • Coaching: Support individual staff members with implementation
  • Family Engagement Strategies: Understanding how to engage families
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