Distributed Leadership Network


There are so many demands for building leaders. It is difficult for one person or administrative team from a building to lead everything that is part of sustained, meaningful change towards increased student achievement. Distributing the leadership across a school building makes this task much easier.

Research shows distributed leadership may be the most significant action a principal can take to help develop and support a collaborative culture in a school. In addition, distributed leadership is indispensable in school change efforts that address the development of effective, inclusive schools.

How We Can Help

Participants in the Distributed Leadership Network will embark on a journey into:

  • Analyzing the current level of distributed leadership in their building
  • Strategizing for improvements
  • Monitoring progress,
  • Planning for the following school year.


  • Measure current levels of and ongoing progress toward developing distributed leadership.
  • Learn ways to build distributed leadership in your building.
  • Network and share your successes about distributed leadership with other area principals.

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