Individualized Youth Services


Individualized Youth Services (IYS) is a community-based alternative to long-term residential care for children with severe emotional disturbance (ages 6-17).

How We Can Help

IYS is a program designed to provide intensive services that enable children with severe emotional disturbances (SED) to live at home and participate in the community. IYS works collaboratively with professionals across the spectrum of human service agencies to ensure success in this united endeavor.  Children's mental health problems are often extremely complex and involve many environmental risk factors such as: poverty, inadequate care, parental stress, family dysfunction, school problems, and so on. To deal effectively with these problems, coordination of all the services is absolutely necessary. Specifically, IYS provides 24/7 crisis intervention to the home, school and community. This component of the program is invaluable in keeping our children safe. Respite and Daily Living Skills are another consistent and important component of the program designed to support children and families in achieving success. Each child and family completes a strength-based assessment and works with a team to develop an individualized service plan.

What is Individualized Youth Services? Children in need of services can usually be served very adequately by the Human Services and/or contracted services. There are a small percentage of children, who due to the severity of their disorder, special needs, and/or environmental pressures need to have intensive, specialized services developed to keep them safe. 

Our Mission
Believing that families are the best environment in which to grow, we are committed to a working partnership with families and other agencies to interact with children who have been diagnosed with severe emotional disturbance (SED) in a family setting and within the communities of Fond du Lac and Winnebago County.

Our Mandate
Our success is measured by our ability to serve children in the community that would otherwise require institutionalization. We only serve children who have disorders severe enough to warrant institutionalization. Each county has the responsibility to identify the children needing our services. The county goal is to re-channel service dollars traditionally spent on institutional care to community services and families. It is critical that we stay focused on this unique group of children.

Program Goals

  •   Increase social and problem solving skills, improve peer relationships, increase coping skills.
  •   Promote emotional well-being and self-esteem.
  •   Provide structure and stability.
  •   Enable children to live at home and participate in the community.
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