Visions, Goals & Core Beliefs

The Overarching Vision

The CESA 6 Effectiveness Project© will increase student achievement by insuring there is:

  • an effective teacher in every classroom,
  • an effective leader in every school, 
  • an effective administrator in every district, and
  • an effective educational system in every community

The Primary Goals

The CESA 6 Effectiveness Project© will:

  • Increase educator effectiveness through the systematic articulation and implementation of a research-based, clearly articulated performance evaluation system for ALL educators within an educational organization; (teachers, educational specialists, school administrators, central office administrators, and district administrators/superintendents). 
  • Increase resource efficiency through the data-informed collaborative use of professional development resources (time, dollars and professional expertise) across schools, districts and regional CESAs.
  • Insure system sustainability and fidelity through a pricing structure that allows equal access to all districts regardless of size and resource capacity; an implementation plan that provides extensive face-to-face and online training support focused on increasing the leadership capacity of district-level leaders; and a regional support network to support ongoing systematic monitoring of fidelity implementation, inter-rater reliability and continuous improvement of The CESA 6 Effectiveness Project©.

The Core Beliefs

The CESA 6 Effectiveness Project© design team is committed to the requirements that the system be:

  • research-based
  • standards-driven
  • customizable to accommodate district culture and initiatives
  • feasible (focused, not overly cumbersome)
  • supported by a high quality, web-based data management system
  • consistent in format across all levels of performance evaluation (6 standards, common components, all operated within one data management system)
  • designed around multiple measures of evidence, including both processes and products (student achievement) of effective teaching and leading
  • designed, implemented, monitored and revised in PARTNERSHIP with the educational leaders that commit to the project (teachers, educational specialists, building/district administrators, post-secondary partners, CESA partners and others)
  • equivalent to the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness Framework per requirements of Act 166 (WI DPI approved the CESA 6 Effectiveness Project© as an equivalent model for educator effectiveness on May 16, 2013.)
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