History of the Effectiveness Project

Why did CESA 6 select the Stronge Professional Evaluation System as the foundation for the CESA 6 Effectiveness Project©?

During the initial investigation into how CESA 6 could promote teacher and leader effectiveness across our region, we realized that we would need to engage an expert facilitator to help us design a system for Wisconsin educators, by Wisconsin educators. We had been heavily involved in a Next Generation of Public Schools design process with our regional superintendents and stakeholders and we were committed to creating partnerships that would promote the effectiveness of our educational professionals... but also enhance the efficiency of how regional resources were used to develop highly effective educators.

CESA 6 reviewed many models and talked to experts in the field (Saphier, Danielson, Marzano, McREL, Reeves), and determined that James Stronge's model offered many advantages, particularly the simplified set of research-based performance standards for teachers, educational specialists and leaders. Further, the Stronge model fully incorporated outcomes of teaching - student achievement - as a component of educator accountability.

In addition, Dr. Stronge offered us much more than a solid, research-based  model on which to base our regional systems design. He had extensive experience with facilitating design teams to develop "customized" professional evaluation systems founded on the research base and his Stronge Professional Evaluation System, that could be customized to accommodate the local culture, values and mandates of the users. That is what we were looking for!

Finally, as a result of the partnership with James Stronge, CESA 6 retains limited copyright of the CESA 6 Effectiveness Project© across Wisconsin. This was not an option with other models we examined.

"Effectiveness is the goal, evaluation is merely the means"©
- Stronge and Associates Educational Consultants, LLC

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