District Administrator Performance Evaluation System (DAPES)

What is DAPES?

A professional evaluation system focused on growth that can be used by ALL School Boards to evaluate their District Administrator.

The CESA 6 Effectiveness Project® Performance Evaluation System for District Administrators can be used with either the Wisconsin Effective Educator model (EE) or the CESA 6 Effectiveness Project (EP) model.

All Effectiveness Project© Evaluation Systems are:

  • Built by Wisconsin educators
  • Structurally consistent
  • Research-based
  • Standards-driven
  • Customizable
  • Comprehensive yet concise
  • Evidence-focused
  • Implemented with quality training and ongoing support
  • Focused on research and best practice based on a preponderance of evidence

The District Administrator Performance Evaluation System is:

  • Designed to unite and foster collaboration between district administrator and the Board in a partnership for professional growth and improved student achievement


  • Evaluation system housed in MyLearningPlan®,
  • A web-based platform (optional for DAPES)
  • Guidebook and training
  • Support from CESA 6 Effectiveness Project staff

District Administrator Performance Evaluation System (DAPES)

  • Built by Wisconsin educators in the Spring of 2014, DAPES can be used in ALL school districts, no matter if the district is presently using the CESA 6 Effectiveness Project or the Wisconsin DPI Effectiveness Model to evaluate teachers and building administrators;
  • A research-based, standards-driven evaluation and professional growth system that creates a strong partnership between the District Administrator and the School Board for the purpose of evaluating the District Administrator, enhancing his/her effectiveness, and improving district-wide student achievement;
  • Provides the School Board with a valid process for clearly articulating their expectations for the District Administrator and evaluating both the District Administrator’s practice and product by applying research-based practice standards and Board/District Administrator identified product measures;
  • Throughout the DAPES evaluation cycle, the School Board conducts periodic Formative Assessments of the District Administrator’s progress on the practice standards and product measures; and
  • The Summative Performance Report or the final evaluation of the District Administrator’s practice and product, which occurs at the end of the evaluation cycle, is based on multiple measures of evidence.

Training Model

The first training session provides the District Administrator and Board with an understanding of:

  • The developmental process used to create DAPES and the benefits of implementing this system; the practice standards and product measures that are used by the School Board to evaluate the District Administrator;
  • The multiple measures (preponderance of evidence) that are used for the evaluation process; and
  • The process used by the School Board at the end of the evaluation cycle to complete the District Administrator’s final evaluation (Summative Performance Report).

During the second session, which will occur near the end of the first evaluation cycle, the trainer will assist the School Board to understand the process for evaluating the District Administrator (rating of the practice standards and product measures), to complete the District Administrator’s Summative Performance Report, and to identify areas of future professional growth for the District Administrator.


Exhibits the District Administrators and School Board’s leadership and commitment to the Educator Effectiveness initiative and sends a clear and concise message to the staff and community that implementing a research-based, standards-driven evaluation and professional growth system for all certified educators, including the District Administrator, is critical to enhancing the effectiveness of all educators and ultimately improving student achievement.


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