Build Your Own Curriculum


The CESA 6 BuildYourOwnCurriculum (BYOC) User Network is a valuable and unique opportunity to connect with other BYOC users and school districts. The network provides support in which to learn implementation strategies for the different BYOC components at your personal readiness level.

  • Course / Unit / Topic templates
  • Writing and assessing learning targets
  • Teacher portal
  • Lesson planning
  • Writing and sharing activities
  • Attachments
  • Collaboration / comments
  • Going from pending to published and back to revising
  • Using reports; and, more!

How We Can Help

Build Your Own Curriculum may be a new product for you or perhaps you have used it for a long time, but either way, this networking opportunity is the support you need.

Curriculum and assessment is one way to monitor student learning. However, it is difficult to measure something if there is no documented data.  Join colleagues to share your BYOC system experience and ask your questions. Each network meeting agenda is based on member requests. Morning and afternoon sessions are designed for different levels of implementation, so you can decide which portion of the day, or if both best meet your needs.

  • Network focus
  • School district curriculum philosophy
  • School district policies related to curriculum
  • Curriculum and Educator Effectiveness?how they work together
  • Process for updating curriculum
  • Aligning curriculum goals and timelines
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Publishing courses
  • Using BYOC as a living document
  • Applying the Common Core Standards of Mathematical Practice and Disciplinary Literacy to all courses
  • BYOC reports and how they can be used
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