Allies in Autism Education


CESA 6 has long provided services to support teachers and students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Allies in Autism Education (AAE) is designed to address the challenges faced by districts in programming for students with ASD, including;

  • An increasing number of students with ASD who struggle within the traditional school setting and who have diverse needs;
  • Limited district resources;
  • The traditional professional development model, which relies heavily on sit-and-get with little follow-up.

Vision of Allies in Autism Education (AAE)

  • To provide training and coaching in order to increase teacher effectiveness in meeting the educational needs of students with autism spectrum disorders by utilizing evidence-based practices in their classrooms;
  • To develop sustainable systems and increase the professional development capacity of districts;
  • To place emphasis on the importance of both implementation and intervention data to track progress and guide decision making.

Two-Year Partnership Opportunity

For the last four years, the Allies in Autism Education project has provided a high-quality capacity building opportunity for school districts around the state! We’re now offering an opportunity to come on board with the AAE for a two-year partnership!

Monthly onsite instructional coaching plus three cohort meetings
October 19 (Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton), January 11 (CESA 6, Oshkosh), May 24 (Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton)

Summer 2017
Two-day Summer Academy (Dates TBD)

Monthly onsite instructional coaching plus three cohort meetings.

Focus of the partnership will be:

Year 1: Foundational evidence-based practices for students with ASD; increasing independence; promoting generalization.
Year 2: Continued exploration of evidence-based practices PLUS support and guidance in pushing new information out to others in the school.

Join the AAE and our collaborative networks! See how instructional coaching can provide professional development to your team and also support them to become educational leaders within your school!

Work with your coach to develop a sustainability plan for your school and district!

"This format of training is the best experience in 37 years of education! The time and ability to get specific information, have team time, and network with others has been invaluable."

Joan Helbing
Appleton School District

"[This project] has been a key vehicle for helping our staff develop a strong foundation in evidence-based practices, to reflect on the status of our current programs and supports, and in developing strategic directions that will undoubtedly enhance the quality of education that we make available for our students on the autism spectrum. The summer institute helped us develop a unique direction for the district and ongoing coaching support has offered valuable support in developing unique action plans for each classroom. This is how all professional development in education should be done. I am so thankful that we have decided to invest the project and am very excited to see how things progress over the three years."

Chris Keiler, Director of Pupil Services
School District of Lomira

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