Assistive Technology (AT)


Assistive Technology services are designed to help meet the educational needs of students with disabilities from birth to age 21. Consultants can provide individual assessment, teaching, coaching, and professional development regarding assistive technology. 

How We Can Help

CESA 6 AT tools and strategies may be used to augment the services presently being provided to students identified with needs in the areas of autism, DHH, EBD, LD, OHI, O&M, OT/PT and vision.

CESA 6 can help school districts: 

  • Support the IEP process by identifying technology options that may assist students with disabilities to maximize their learning.
  • Assist staff, parents and students in locating needed assistive equipment that is available to purchase, buy, or use on a trial basis.
  • Build collaborations and networking through the Assistive Technology Support Consortium.
  • Provide professional development and resources related to Assistive Technology.

Specific services include:

  • Developing a district­wide AT Team.
  • Identifying low tech, low cost equipment to meet a variety of student needs.
  • Offering reading and writing supports and accommodations for elementary students functioning at an emergent level in reading or writing; and reading accommodations for students in middle school and high school.
  • Creating theme­ based make and take projects (choose a book or topic for your theme and then discover all the supports that can be made to support student learning based on this area).
  • Using video modeling to create sequences or stories to facilitate learning of skills.

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