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4Schools is a suite of easy-to-use web applications that help schools integrate, manage and improve multiple communication systems. We designed our 4Schools products to meet the needs of teachers and administrators. Created by educators, for educators, our innovative products save you time and money so you can dedicate more time to student learning. Our five integrated apps make communicating with staff, students, and parents quick and easy and make record keeping accurate and efficient.

How We Can Help

CMS4Schools™ (websites, design and management tools)

CMS4Schools is a website Content Management System (CMS) that allows districts to fully maintain their district and school websites with absolute ease. With our exclusive Faculty Pages, teachers can easily publish webpages containing class notes, assignments, photographs, calendars and more. The main administrative tools enable your webmasters and clerical staff to work together to keep your site accurate and up-to-date. With CMS4Schools, your website visitors will love your consistent and professional website design.

Calendar4Schools™ (event and facility management)

Update & maintain all of your calendars from one program with Calendar4Schools. This comprehensive database for all of your calendar and facility needs integrates with CMS4Schools or your district's website (if you don't use CMS4Schools). You can easily check out facilities and resources when adding events to the calendar, which avoids double booking. And people outside your district will be able to view facility calendars and request use of a facility right from the district's site. Calendar4Schools also offers reports for maintenance staff.

WebOffice4Schools™ (intranet, document storage and form approval routing)

WebOffice4Schools is your best friend in your district's journey toward paperless record keeping. Use it to organize all your resources in one centralized, online database that always keeps the most up-to-date versions. Whether your resources include uploaded files, website links, internally built pages, or online fillable forms with approval routing, WebOffice4Schools can accommodate them. We've built in a search utility that will help your staff find resources quickly and easily.

SEEDS4Schools® (IEP data collection and management)

Collect and manage IEP data in one online system. The Special Education Electronic Data System (SEEDS) is a robust web-based application that makes IEP record keeping accurate and easy. We created this app to support form generation and information collection that are required for IEP development and maintenance. SEEDS4Schools also allows supports custom report creation, School Based Services reimbursement, and school district billing. Learn more about SEEDS4Schools.

Fitness4Schools™ (student physical fitness monitoring)

Track and monitor your students’ physical fitness assessments with our web-based application Fitness4Schools. The program gives you the option of managing physical education and health courses for every student. And you’ll be able to enter assessment results in one district-wide database of students to measure achievement as your students progress through grade levels. Fitness4Schools also allows you to input assessments that are required by Carol M. White Physical Education Program award winners.

"CMS4Schools was absolutely the right choice for our webpage. It's clean, professional, easy to use and keep up to date. WebOffice4Schools: We are much more efficient in our technology support and maintenance support because of I-Forms. That and the calendar feature (Calendar4Schools) that integrates with the webpage are the features we use the most."

Jennifer Boyd, Director of Technology and Support Services
Slinger School District

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