Smart Summaries

What is a Smart Summary?

Smart Summaries break down important books, texts and other educational resources into a quick synopsis and provides busy education professionals with ideas to help develop greater leadership skills, intellect and innovation within classrooms and educational systems.

Too busy to read entire texts and looking for quick ideas and strategies to grow your leadership? Use these Smart Summaries to grow as a leader in the classroom, school, or system. Each month a new Smart Summary will be published to help staff, parents, principals, and district level leaders in schools.

If you are interested in joining a discussion about the strategies found within this Smart Summary, please contact me.



The Collapse of Parenting - February 15, 2017

The Collapse of Parenting by Dr. Leonard Sax is a quick read and should serve as a ready reference for parents and school staff. Sax takes the current generation of children and using research, data and his own anecdotal experiences outlines the current challenges of the early 21st century.

For more on The Collapse of Parenting, click here for entire Smart Summary



Superbosses - January 4, 2017

Sydney Finkelstein’s newest text Superbosses, is focused on the development of talent and the behaviors of bosses that help others get better. In the 21st century, school leaders need to be strategic in creating cultures that both promote and expect strong and innovative leadership.  

For more on Superbosses, click here for entire Smart Summary.







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