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The Right Work
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Watch Effectiveness Project Overview

Tools of the CESA 6 Effectiveness Project©:

A turnkey, yet customizable, professional evaluation system designed by Wisconsin educators for Wisconsin educators that includes research-based standards, indicators and rubrics articulated in three guidebooks.

Comprehensive, ongoing professional development to support deep understanding of accountability concerns and research-based strategies (standards, SLOs, assessment literacy, preparation for Smarter Balanced Assessment System, coaching techniques,
and more).

Access to MyLearningPlan® OASYSsm web-based observation and appraisal management system for fast and easy scheduling, managing, completing and reporting of all evaluation components.

Systems training, coaching and calibration to assure consistency and fidelity in the use of the system.

Systems data provided at the individual, school, district and regional level as a guide to planning for collaborative, individualized, data-driven, standards based professional development.

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Dr. Joan Wade
Chief Education Officer


Cheryl Malaha
Executive Director
Instructional Services
Effectiveness Project
Dr. Keith Fuchs
Executive Director
Leadership Services
Effectiveness Project


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