Treatment planning is a team process that responds to the strengths of both the child and family and is based upon their unique needs. 

The child psychiatrist is an important team member and will be asked to explain psychiatric components of the disorders and relate this to behaviors the team will observe. The psychiatrist explains medications and what effects he/she wants observed. 

Educators share their expertise and what they have found to be effective. In addition, educators identify what they need to assure the child's academic success. 

Family and community safety is also addressed.  Police, protective and juvenile service workers contribute their expertise regarding legal and safety issues that impact treatment planning.

The family must feel they have a voice in developing the plan, own the plan that is developed, and have access to the services on the individualized service plan.  The team works with the family to develop outcomes.  Outcomes must reflect family values relevant to the success of the child and family. 

Each plan can include Crisis Intervention, Respite, and/or Daily Living Skills.

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